Title: The Usage of Internet in Class Among University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) Students.

~ Focused on the usage of internet during the class especially during the lab sessions because of the existence of the internet facility in the Centre of Modern Language and Human Sciences (CMLHS) and Fakulti Sains Komputer (FSK) lab.

~ The problem that will be looked into is about the misused of the internet facility which is provided by the university for the students supposedly for searching the information or the study materials. However, the students are using this facility for their own stuff such as updating their social networking sites such as facebook or myspace, downloading the songs or even chatting with the other friends through yahoo messenger or skype.

~ The research objectives
- to know the reasons why the students choose to surf the internet in the class although they have so much time surfing the internet in the hostel.
- to investigate the effects of surfing internet in class.
- to find out the lecturer's respond when the students are caught surfing in class.

~ Research questions
- There have three research questions which the best that we found through this topic.Actually,this research questions also related with our objectives.For example, What are the reasons for surfing the internet during the class? What are the effects of surfing internet?and lastly what is the lecturer's respond when they are caught surfing in class?There have a lot of research questions that supposedly we had,but we just choose three the best.

~ scopes-respondent distribution
-computer science student(networking)first and second year
-computer science student(software)first and second year
-computer science student(graphic)first and second year