In this chapter, we will discuss about the background of the study which from this background, we have come out with several research objectives and research question and we can list out the definition of terms from the background.


The most frequently used technology nowadays is the internet as through the internet, we can get any information within a second. The way we communicate with friends from all over the world will be minimized as it took not much time in sending any news through emails or chatting besides using the other technology such as telephone. Internet is a technology which can connect people all around the world without any barrier or can be said as a worldwide technology.

University students also cannot get rid of surfing the internet as there are the wireless internet facility provided for them at the hostel and also computers with internet access in the computer lab which they will use during the class. Internet addiction among the students is not a new phenomenon as everybody knows how to use the internet. They spend a lot of time on surfing the internet, playing online games and also chatting with friends. Most worst is the still surf the internet in class although the lecturer is teaching in front of the class. It is normal when there are students surfing internet in class, chatting and also playing online games.

Our group research will be focused on the usage of internet during the class especially during the lab sessions because of the existence of the computer and also internet facility in the Centre of Modern Language and Human Sciences (CMLHS) and Fakulti Sains Komputer (FSK) labs. Our aim for carrying out this research is to investigate why the students surfing the internet during the class. Besides that, we also want to know the effect of excessive usage of internet and to find out what the lecturers will do when they caught student surfing internet in class. Therefore, the respondents are the students of 1 BCN (Bachelor of computer and networking) and 2 BCN, 1 BCS (Bachelor of Computer Software) and 2 BCS, also 1 BCG (Bachelor of Computer Graphics) and 2 BCG from Fakulti Sains Komputer dan Kejuruteraan Perisian (FSKKP)


The objectives are:
i. To investigate why the students surfing the internet during the class
ii. To investigate the effect of surfing internet in class
iii. To find out the lecturer’s respond when the students are caught surfing in class.


The research questions for our study are:
i. What are the reasons for surfing the internet during the class?
ii. What are the effects of surfing internet?
iii. What is the lecturer’s respond when they are caught surfing in class?


i. CMLHS - Centre of Modern Language and Human Sciences
ii. FSKKP - Fakulti Sains Komputer dan Kejuruteraan Perisian
iii. BCN - Bachelor of computer and networking.
iv. BCS - Bachelor of Computer Software.
v. BCG – Bachelor of Computer Graphics.